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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keecker Projector

Some of our readers may bear in mind the KEECKER media golem that was undraped at the start of this year and is with a projector and 360 degree audio system. The KEECKER golem could be a mobile media home pod has been designed to be ready to rework any flat surface into a screen and move around with you where you'll be at intervals your home or workplace.
Its creators justify slightly a lot of regarding their home media golem. For years we’ve unreal of a wire-free home, wherever digital content may be anyplace while not screens or black boxes spreading around. We’ve unreal of a tool that would cause you to dream, that would log on, may play something you wish and most significantly a tool that would be wherever you wish, once you wish and do precisely what you wish. Since it didn’t exist, we tend to set to form it.