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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Durio Sound Card

The Durio Sound has been designed to feature a 24-bit 192kHz sound quality with very cheap attainable distortion to your Raspberry Pi minicomputer. Watch the video once the jump to find out additional concerning the Durio Sound project and see it in action. The Durio Sound project is presently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding web site trying to lift $1,500 in pledges to create the jump from construct to production.
Durio Sound connects on to the Raspberry Pi wherever no external cables area unit required. No got to solder any header or wire, simply stack the Durio Sound on high of your Raspberry Pi as a result of the board is that the same size because the Raspberry Pi. It’s additionally supported within the normal Raspberry Pi kernel that's enclosed within the Raspbian distribution starting from A, B, and B+.