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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Samsung New 2TB EcoGreen HDD

When it involves the globe of storage, power savings may be a giant deal. A technique to urge power savings in HDDs is to cut back the amount of platters required to succeed in a given storage capability. This suggests the drive will use less heads saving power.
Samsung has disclosed a brand new addition to the EcoGreen HDD family known as the F4EG. The new drive is the follow up to the F3EG HDD that has already been obtainable. The new F4EG HDD uses 3 platters to succeed in its 2TB storage capability, instead of the four platters utilized by the F3EG.
Each of the 3 platters the new HDD uses has 667GB of storage. The new drive is twenty third additional powers economical in standby mode and nineteen higher in standby time performance. The drive includes a three2MB buffer and may be a 3.5-inch drive.