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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dell Studio XPS 9100

A reliable computing machine which will do everything you wish it to can build home life that abundant easier. The hollow Studio XPS 9100 offers you a spread of options to create your job easier. With storage of virtually 1TB and 6GB of RAM, you will not have any issues running your applications and saving all of your vital documents.
The processor is associate Intel Core i7-930. The process speed is two.8 GHz. this can be a decent speed for a computing machine and can keep your applications running. The clock rate is one.3 GHz, which is commonplace for many general-purpose desktop computers. Once it involves the video card, it is not quite nearly as good as we've got seen on alternative machines. It’s associate NVIDIA GeForce G310 with solely 512MB of memory. This suggests that if you're running associate image-heavy application, like a computer game, the graphics will not be nearly as clean or crisp as a video card that has additional memory allotment.