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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spire Announces DualStar CPU Cooler

The DualStar, part# SP680S1 is built with an oversized copper base plate, aluminum stacked fins and 2 (2) 8mm copper Heat-Pipes. Able to cool the newest Intel Core two Extreme and AMD Phenom X3 Micro-processors. Transferring up to a hundred thirty five watts of warmth safely aloof from your computers important, heat-sensitive parts. Designed for thought and laptop Enthusiasts alike this cooler may be a nice entertainer and build to last.
In the run up for the launch of Intel's newest line of desktop CPUs - the Core i5 series, firms with connected product like motherboards and coolers ar fully swing geartrain up Core i5. Tower is prepared with 2 new coolers CoolWave five and CoolWave five professional that support LGA-1156, the socket Core i5 uses. The 2 are identical aside from that the previous options pre-applied S350 thermal grease, whereas the latter comes with a tube of superior-grade S420 thermal grease. The cooler does not skip support for LGA-775, or apparently, AMD AM3/2+/2 either. mensuration 90x90x80 millimeter (LxWxH), the CoolWave five makes use of a silent ninety millimeter, UV-reactive fan. The coolers are going to be on the market in late-June at costs of $9.95 for the CoolWave five and $14.95 for the CoolWave five professional.