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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Intel unleashes ‘Lynnfield’ Core processors

Lynnfield CPUs feature Associate in nursing integrated dual-channel DDR3 memory, Associate in Nursing integrated PCI-Express graphics controller and a right away Media Interface that permits the chip to interface with the motherboard's chipset. These CPUs conjointly boast improved ‘Turbo Boost' technology, that permits individual central processing unit cores to run over clocked, to produce higher performance beneath bound conditions. A Core i7-870 that ordinarily runs at a pair of.93GHz can over clock itself to three.6GHz if only 1 or 2 of its four cores area unit beneath load.

Beyond the model range variations the newer Lynnfield chips conjointly feature a distinct central processing unit socket, referred to as LGA 1156, and need a motherboard that includes the Intel P55 specific chipset. This implies the newer Lynnfield chips aren't compatible with the huge range of existing LGA 1366 socket-based Intel X58 boards. Similarly, Core i7 LGA 1366 processors aren't compatible with the LGA 1156 boards and Intel P55 specific chipset.