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Thursday, December 11, 2014

UniPi Board

The UniPi Raspberry Pi enlargement board is provided with eight x relays, fourteen x digital inputs, one x Wire controller, two x analog inputs, one x analog output and EEPROM. We tend to started as a bunch of friends with one goal – to form AN intelligent building supported the Raspberry Pi. At the start we tend to had lots of various low cost boards from China. Although it worked, it's not the answer we tend to wanted… thus we tend to sit back to the table and when several hours spent on the development…. it absolutely was clear that we'd like a universal all-in-one resolution. 
The UniPi project is presently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding web site wanting to lift $3,000 in pledges to create the jump from thought to production. thus if you think that UniPi are a few things you may like, visit the Indiegogo web site currently to create a pledge and facilitate UniPi become a reality.