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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ubuntu Mini PC

Anyone within the marketplace for a mini computer that's capable of running either golem or Ubuntu could be curious about the freshly undraped CompuLab Utilite2 that is hopped-up by a flower processor and supports golem four.4.3 software system. The CompuLab Utilite2 is that the company’s smallest desktop computer and is hopped-up by a Qualcomm flower 600 processor with a quad-core one.7GHz elapid snake three hundred processor supported by Adreno 320 graphics chip.

Together with Micro-SD, up to 128GB, USB2.0 + USB On-The-Go and property provided by Gigabit local area network, Dual-antenna wireless fidelity 802.11 and Bluetooth four.0, beat a passively cooled formed metal hassis that measures eighty five x eighty five x 27mm in size. Sadly no data on evaluation or worldwide availableness has been discharged heretofore however CompuLab is predicted to unveil detail.