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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sony Display Module

Sony has in the not so distant future divulged another Google Glass style lightweight single lens showcase module that they have furnished with a LED show and intended to furnish clients with visual data specifically before their eye. The new Sony show module comprises of an optical unit together with a LED micro-show which is controlled by a control board comprises of a processor, sensor center point with Bluetooth and remote integration.
This presentation module has the possibility to enhance clients' lives in a mixture of ways. By just appending it to a couple of chic glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other kind of eyewear, you can in a split second get access to visual data that adds a level of accommodation to your regular life. The module additionally has potential applications in games or for work, in addition to different zones, showing supportive data that backings you in the action you are occupied with. What's more this is all done in a little sub-window that does not discourage your field of vision. Since the module is effectively appendable/separable, you can utilize it just when you need to, and you have the choice to store it away on the off chance that it doesn't suit the event.