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Friday, December 12, 2014

Cougar Gaming Mouse

This week cougar has unveiled a replacement extremely adjustable play mouse they need created within the variety of the new wildcat 700M play mouse. The cougar 700M play mouse is made victimization associate Al framing structure associated equipped with a 8200 DPI exactness play sensing element and supercharged by an ARM 32-bit processor.
Other options of the cougar 700M play mouse embody 512kb memory for storing custom settings and adjustable panels. The distinctive arched frame supports the palm ergonomically, associated it’s an adjustable and interchangeable palm rest module and it’s capable of store up to sixteen.8 million macros. Enough to stay even the foremost skilled of gamers happy. Cougar 700M is associate adjustable play mouse that is devoted to skilled gamers. With the planning strategy, “Framing Structure”, the elements and parts area unit designed on a merely sunray Al chassis; that provides higher product strength.