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Friday, December 12, 2014

Arduino Programmer Device

The VisiPort2 could be a USB that has been designed to program Arduino’s and is ideal for any bread board say its creators. The VisiPort2 is compatible with 5V or three.3V Arduinos and therefore the VisiPort2 will power your cover to 280 mAs at three.3V or 480 mAs at 5V and is provided with a jumper selectable DTR or RTS reset. 
VisiPort2 is intended to program Arduinos. Its six pin feminine header connects simply to a mini professional with no bread board required. Its one inexperienced LED that indicates power is applied to the FTDI chip. There square measure 2 amber LEDs to point once TX and Rx square measure active. The VisiPort2 could be a USB that's compact in size and programs any Arduino. Its tiny size permits it to suit into bread board applications wherever different programmers square measure too massive and hulking.