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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sonnet Technologies TSATA SATA PCI Adapter

Sonnet's Tempo Serial ATA PCI adapter card allows you to attach the most recent Serial ATA (SATA) and parallel (1) ATA onerous drives to your older Macintosh laptop. Cash the upper knowledge transfer rates and improved cabling performance which SATA offers and your knowledge fly at up to one.5 Gbps while not sacrificing integrity! Simply install this card into your PCI slot and create the switch to Serial ATA.

Sonnet Technologies is that the leader in Macintosh upgrade product. Our engineering expertise allows North American country to supply Macintosh users with the foremost reliable product within the trade. Keep North American country in mind whenever you're attending to upgrade your mackintosh, Sonnet offers associate degree ever-expanding array of upgrade solutions that may increase the performance and extend the lifetime of your Macintosh system.