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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MIPS Creator

There’s a replacement credit-card sized pc in city — except it’s truly concerning double the scale of a master card, and double the value of the Raspberry Pi. It’s referred to as the unit Creator CI20, and it’s created by Imagination Technologies, which might be found in virtually each iPhone or iPad underneath the sun.

Whereas the Raspberry Pi, priced at around $30, is intended from the beginning to be a cheap-and-cheerful pc for education and development, the unit Creator CI20 could be a slightly additional advanced providing. The Creator CI20 ($65 within the America, £50 within the UK) encompasses a dual-core one.2GHz MIPS32 computer hardware, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of on-board. There’s on-board 10/100 local area network, Bluetooth four.0, 802.11n WiFi, 2 USB ports, Associate in Nursing South Dakota card slot, and HDMI for video output. For development functions, there are GPIO, UART, and alternative somewhat helpful header pins. It comes bundled with a unit flavor of Debian UNIX.