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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plantronics Audio

Designed to be used with a laptop computer or the other device equipped with a USB port, the .Audio 550 DSP is one in all a brand new breed that forgoes the standard three.5mm mini-stereo jack in situ of a USB interface. This permits for straightforward plug-and-play setup with any USB enabled device, however eliminates the likelihood of exploitation the receiver with a typical that uses a three.5mm mini-stereo input. This is often one space wherever the receiver falls short – a receiver that may be used for recreation, music listening would profit greatly from a mini-stereo affiliation additionally to the USB affiliation.
With a protracted 10ft. cord the .Audio 550 DSP provides smart quality in terms of wherever you place your computer whereas exploitation the receiver. It additionally includes in-line volume management that gives smart flexibility in terms of adjusting the quantity level while not having to access your computer or laptop computer. These pluses are counteracted by the very fact that the .Audio 550 DSP isn't terribly transportable. The receiver isn't collapsible and therefore the in-line DSP module makes the complete package to a small degree additional large than the typical try of headphones. Again, this limits the ways in which within which the receiver may be used. it's primarily helpful after you are reception employing a desktop computer or laptop computer.