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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Philips Web Cam

This side of the stock Philips SPC900NC showing the lens cap. Rotating the quilt operates an inside volute mechanism that focuses the lens. Once I initial received this camera I believed the lens was fastened and non-removable, creating a true downside for exploitation this camera for astrophotography. I referred to as Philips regarding this; however before I received a solution from them I spoke with John at Adirondack Astro Video. He conjointly had similar issues regarding the on the face of it fastened lens and had conjointly referred to as Philips. He got his reply before I did, and therefore the news was sensible, the lens will come back off if rigorously pried up.
And a glance at the 900NC with the lens swiveled downward. Currently you'll be able to see the sinning bright white crystal rectifier that any astrophotography can quickly obscure with black paint. This crystal rectifier is thus bright that in an exceedingly dark space it truly light targets ahead of the camera up to a foot away. The digital electro-acoustic transducer is on either facet of the crystal rectifier, however we have a tendency to tend to ignore that as a result of K3CCD Tools generally hangs au courant .AVIs with embedded sound files.