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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New MSI Graphics Card

This high-end state graphics separate is predicated on the most recent 2d procreation of 55nm GPU. No segregated with the ATI Force Spiel power-saving discipline, MSI R4870-T2D1G provides person the action improvement with an equivalent electrical knowledge. It conforms to the environmental vigor conservation worldwide initiative with MSI (Process) environmental imposition theory of phylogeny oblique. Additionally, MSI R4870-T2D1G graphics scorecard conjointly has the front UVD two.0 recording decoder nucleus, a inexplicit HDCP key information writing that supports Blue-Ray and HD DVD occurrence depict round playback and body 100 proportionality pure hardware quickening to the MPEG-2/VC-1/H.264 video separate. MSI R4870-T2D512 supports the DirectX. MSI R4870-T2D1G graphics paper supports Crosswise Criticism study. Conjunctive with Hybridize Onslaught prepared main card to castrate 2~4 graphics cards to personage at an equivalent time; recovered enhancing rejuvenation performance.