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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flexible / silicon keyobard

This revolutionary keyboard is water-resistant, flexible, dirt and contamination proof. The keyboard is used in industrial environments; hospitals and water travel fact anyplace wherever dirt and liquids are gift. The silicon-based material is moth-resistant to virtually anything! This wash-and-wear, roll-able, folding keyboard has been known as "the smartest thing to happen to typewriting since the typewrite key"
Ideal for travel or industrial applications, it fits in your case, backpack, or notebook carrying case and you ought not to worry regarding any sharp edges! The soft material permits a fast, reflexive typewriting action that's silent and more leisurely than arduous plastic surfaces.
Protect your Health with our Wireless Waterproof silicone polymer Medical grade Keyboard with Touchpad. This keyboard is waterproof and contaminate-proof keyboard is utilized in several environments that make it excellent for Hospitals, Restaurants, Laboratories, Libraries, or maybe at home.