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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Belkin 4-Port PS/2 & USB Platform Audio KVM Switch

The first factor that caught my attention was the USB support. Most KVM's nowadays management computers through the PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse, and this KVM conjointly support this ancient methodology. However, you'll be able to conjointly management a USB-enabled pc through one in all its USB ports from the KVM, even though your keyboard and mouse are not of the USB breed! One distinct advantage of this is often that it will change wiring a trifle. Rather than having to traumatize 2 PS/2 connectors and therefore the video cable, you simply have one USB cable and therefore the video. Another feature that's distinctive to the present KVM is that the audio/microphone switch. This allows you share one speaker and one mic with the up to four computers that area unit connected to the KVM. Different options that area unit notable area unit the firmware-upgrade capability which will offer Belkin the flexibility to handle any issues with the KVM's options and therefore the 5-year assurance.
Installation is incredibly easy. After all, a KVM has invariably been a hardware device that hasn't needed any special package or drivers. For PS/2 installation, you just power down the pc, disconnect your tangible parts, and connect them to the console ports of the KVM. You then use a collection of KVM cables to attach your pc to the KVM. Connecting a pc via USB to the KVM may be a bit completely different. During this case, you need to power on the pc, and then connect the KVM to the laptop via USB. Most up-to-date in operation systems can sight the KVM and install the suitable drivers.