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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deluxe LGA1156 Motherboard

As most of you are aware, Intel's mainstream jazz launched and motherboard manufacturers bang overpoweringly embraced this new papers. As a result, the industry has quite literally been inundated with P55 motherboards, ranging from $110 to $400CDN. Spell all consumers enjoy having choices, the slue extent of new models introduced has nigh fill's heads moving. While our previews were well-received and slough many ignitor on the varied P55 offerings pre-launch, naught comes familiar to a suitable think. With that said, today we faculty be transferral you one of the higher-end P55 models in the ASUS listing, the P7P55D Princely.

It should also be noted that ASUS has late accessorial sophisticated RMA coupling within the ordinal twelvemonth of their warranty reportage. This capital they gift cross-ship you a equivalent dwell so you won't love to see the usual extendable detain when it comes to feat your system up and running again.