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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HP’s Sprout attempt to replace the keyboard with a fixed 3D camera and projector

Put your eyes on Sprout, a new all-in-one PC from HP that introduces the keyboard and mouse with a 20 point and 20 inch projected touchpad. Company says the Sprout is the earliest product in a new “Blended Reality” array that is meant to re-envision the interface between real and virtual and digital.  With the projector, there is also a high resolution camera and 3D scanner that allowing you to easily upload things into the Sprout just by insertion them on the mat.
The magic of Sprout is in the shade like attachment that sprouts out the top. There are three special systems, an Intel Real Sense 3D camera, a 14.6 megapixel camera, and an HP DLP projector. It appears that the touchpad is made by a special material that is transparent to the cameras.
The Sprout is available to order now from the HP website, priced 1900 Dollar. Best Buy and Microsoft Stores will have the Sprout on display you can try it. It’s worth is only for 1900 Dollar. You can actually get a wireless mouse and keyboard.